Create Sales Receipts in Batches


This utility, for nonprofit organizations that use QuickBooks, produces Sales Receipts in the QuickBooks company file, in “batch” mode.



Open the supplied Excel workbook and choose your preferences for item, account, class and payment method. These preferences will apply to the donations you record, but you can change any of them for a given donation.


Each of your existing customer names is placed in the workbook, so all you have to do is supply the donation amounts and, if applicable, the check numbers.



Then click a button and each donation is automatically written to the QuickBooks file as a QuickBooks Sales Receipt.


This is much faster than entering donations one by one in the QuickBooks user interface. It is more accurate than using the Make Deposits window for batch entry (transactions entered in the Make Deposits window do not show up in the customer's record in the Customer Center, and they don't appear in the standard Sales Reports).

Requires QuickBooks 2006 or later (Windows/US Version); Microsoft Excel™ 2000 or later.

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